MerGrain targets to provide the highest value of goods and services

MerGrain delivers the goods with quality control ,performed before and during loading . Mergrain is longterm partner of main exporters of Black Sea and importers of Middle East .

Main goods are grains ,oilseeds and products for feed industry.

MerGrain has also experience on many other products and constantly is improving product line with new goods, based on the demand of the market.

Milling Wheat : Turkish – Russian – Ukrainian – Kazakhstan – EU and US origin .

Durum Wheat : Turkish Origin

Barley : Turkish and Black Sea Origin

Corn : Turkish and Black Sea Origin

Oil Seeds : Ukrainian Origin

Sunflower Seed Meal : Black Sea Origin

For extending its international business as a competitive supplier, MerGrain has a special focus of interest on rice trading; in 2011 MerGrain established sister company Merice Gda , provides milling , packaging and storage services of rice in own facilities .